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Close the gap between college and career.

SVAcademy: A project of CitySpark

While City Light Capital’s portfolio is limited to early stage companies with at least $1M in revenue, we bridge the gap between early stage innovation and venture equity investment through City Spark. This initiative allows our team and our network of mission-driven executives and entrepreneurs to advise and support select early stage companies that, like SVAcademy, demonstrate the potential to generate both high financial returns and social impact.

The SVA Business Development Fellowship is a new kind of accelerated job training and apprenticeship program for tech sales and business development positions that takes you from an internship to a great job in tech, all at no cost.


SVAcademy's 8-week, part-time Business Development Fellowship balances soft and technical skills and online and offline learning. Students also get on-the-job experience with an internship at a fast-paced tech company to perfect their skills before starting full-time.


To give everyone the skills, work experience, and connections they need to land the tech job they want. 

What City Light Capital saw

  • A team of technology veterans with compelling stories lending themselves directly to the company's mission
  • A shared passion for leveling the playing field for opportunity, specifically in tech
  • Untapped market of skills-based development for non-technical, sales positions
  • Early indicators of success for graduates of the program

City Light Team

Josh Cohen