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Making our neighborhood safe for families. Not for illegal guns.

Studies show that 80% of illegal gunfire goes unreported. With ShotSpotter, every time a gun is fired, authorities are alerted to the precise location and can move more quickly to make arrests, gather evidence, and confiscate weapons. So our neighborhoods become safe places to raise families – not for illegal weapons.


SST is the creator of ShotSpotter, an advanced Gunshot Location Center that helps police and military forces pinpoint the location of gunfire and reduce gun violence.


To dramatically reduce gunfire by empowering law enforcement to confiscate more illegal guns and make more arrests.

What City Light Capital saw

  • A company with 15 years of innovations in acoustic gunshot location technology, and the deepest patent portfolio in the industry
  • Solutions that are scalable as they are technologically advanced
  • Measurable results, with ShotSpotter helping to reduce urban gunfire by 80% and related violent crime by 40%

City Light Team

Josh Cohen
Tom Groos