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Reduce response time dramatically and save more lives.

Ready Responders: A project of CitySpark

While City Light Capital’s portfolio is limited to early stage companies with at least $1M in revenue, we bridge the gap between early stage innovation and venture equity investment through City Spark. This initiative allows our team and our network of mission-driven executives and entrepreneurs to advise and support select early stage companies that, like Ready Responders, demonstrate the potential to generate both high financial returns and social impact.

Victims in emergencies require immediate medical attention. Most ambulances do not reach them within the "Platinum Minutes" to provide the necessary treatment on time and the result is a higher rate of mortality and irreversible damage. Ready Responders uses its crowd-sourced power to help reach the location of an emergency faster than ever.


Ready Responders is a network of regular people trained as EMTs & healthcare providers supporting their communities by providing fast response to medical emergencies and supporting community health needs.


Reduced response times, improved health outcomes, increased operating efficiency, and most importantly, saved lives in every city.


What City Light Capital saw

  • A team with a unique mix of experience in technology, healthcare, and emergency response
  • A shared passion for making cities safer for everyone in them
  • Scalable, replicable model for rapid expansion across the U.S.

City Light Team

Matt Cohen