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Collaboratively building the future of energy efficiency.

OpenEE: A project of CitySpark

While City Light Capital’s portfolio is limited to early stage companies with at least $1M in revenue, we bridge the gap between early stage innovation and venture equity investment through City Spark. This initiative allows our team and our network of mission-driven executives and entrepreneurs to advise and support select early stage companies that, like OpenEE, demonstrate the potential to generate both high financial returns and social impact.

By providing near real-time access to metered gross savings, realization rates, and other performance metrics, the OpenEEmeter creates a virtuous cycle in which good results are reported and rewarded. 


Open Energy Efficiency. The OpenEEmeter creates a standard weights and measures for energy efficiency that is reliable for both markets and grid operators. In simple terms, this means that by using the meter, private companies, utilities, and regulators can all calculate the level of savings for a given set of building efficiency projects.


To enable both regulated utilities and private markets to invest in energy efficiency as a reliable, cost-effective resource with consistent and reliable returns.

What City Light Capital saw

  • Experienced entrepreneurial team with a strong background in energy efficiency projects. Matt Golden is a veteran entrepreneur (Recurve - acquired by Tendril in 2012) and leading voice in the energy efficiency industry
  • Data-driven approach to ensuring energy efficiency to the tune of millions of CO2 per year
  • Untapped marketplace for energy efficiency project

City Light Team

Tom Groos