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Taking the safety of our communities in hand.

LiveSafe: A project of CitySpark

While City Light Capital’s portfolio is limited to early stage companies with at least $1M in revenue, we bridge the gap between early stage innovation and venture equity investment through City Spark. This initiative allows our team and our network of mission-driven executives and entrepreneurs to advise and support select early stage companies that, like LiveSafe, demonstrate the potential to generate both high financial returns and social impact.

Given this powerful public safety app, we can all become effective stewards of our own neighborhoods, alerting law enforcement to criminal activity and sharing safety information with one another. As we grow more empowered, crime will falter.


LiveSafe's crowd-sourced public safety app lets citizens report crime quickly, easily, and discreetly, and enables sharing of critical information including crime statistics and safety broadcasts.


To empower men and women to keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe.

What City Light Capital saw

  • A team of successful entrepreneurs, inventors, and executives with experience in technology, education, public safety
  • A corporate advisory board of leaders in the military, police, education and emergency management sectors
  • An intelligent mobile safety app linked to a robust online command dashboard

City Light Team

Tom Groos