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When it comes to digital assets, greater security means more freedom.

LicenseStream’s advanced solutions enable companies to easily track and monetize digital assets all over the Web. This allows content owners to offer flexible, sensible usage-based pricing and convenient payment options. Rights are protected. Users get easier access to authorized usage. And everybody wins.


LicenseStream. From watermarking to global payment processing, LicenseStream provides end-to-end solutions that help companies monetize content and prevent unauthorized use.


Intelligent digital assets that can move freely across the Web with rights and restrictions in place, allowing fair, usage-based pricing. Revenues are protected, and users have more access to more content.

What City Light Capital saw

  • A team with deep expertise in digital imaging and rights management, intellectual property management, and technology and applications development
  • Strategic partnerships with industry leaders in licensing, publishing, payment processing and royalty disbursement solutions
  • The first and only comprehensive, global platform for the effective licensing, monitoring, and monetizing of all forms of electronic media

City Light Team

Josh Cohen
Matt Cohen