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Learning at the speed of games keeps kids engaged.

BrainRush: A project of CitySpark

While City Light Capital’s portfolio is limited to early stage companies with at least $1M in revenue, we bridge the gap between early stage innovation and venture equity investment through City Spark. This initiative allows our team and our network of mission-driven executives and entrepreneurs to advise and support select early stage companies that, like BrainRush, demonstrate the potential to generate both high financial returns and social impact.

BrainRushes are fast-paced games that adapt to the exact needs of each player, so learning is maximized during every second of play. 


BrainRush. By combining the science of learning with the engaging power of games, BrainRush is rapidly accelerating learning.


To unlock the genius in each of us through smarter learning.

What City Light Capital saw

  • A founder with a winning track record in gaming
  • A dynamic team with deep experience in education, technology, games and media, and a shared passion for learning
  • Adaptive Practice™ technology
  • Tools that allow teachers to provide instruction that is individualized to the needs of each student 

City Light Team

Josh Cohen