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The more people who get a world-class education, the better off the world will be.

From data scientists in Kabul to teachers in Compton, graduates of the 2U programs are transforming the world one community at a time.


2U. Partnering with leading universities and colleges to create state-of-the-art online learning platforms.


A world where any student, anywhere, can access a quality university education online.

What City Light Capital saw

  • A team of education veterans with unparalleled experience
  • A shared passion for making leading university education available online
  • State-of-the-art technology platforms that, more than merely bringing offline content online, create transformative online instruction
  • Comprehensive student support services and practical learning experiences overlooked by other online programs
  • Respected education partners including The University of Southern California, Georgetown University, and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

City Light Team

Josh Cohen