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Driven to make a measurable difference.

Each of our portfolio companies sits at the intersection of measurable social impact and strong financial returns. They are as passionate about data and feedback as they are about their technological innovations. And while they are fueled by a vision of how they want the world to be, they are grounded by the experience they already possess as well by smart, savvy business models that are scalable and sustainable.


Helping top-tier universities make leading programs available to more deserving students everywhere.
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Reducing college costs for all students by offering affordable, university level courses online.
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Developing adaptive learning games that keep students focused and learning faster.
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Practice is a video-based learning platform that uses interactive short-form video, complimented by peer and instructor feedback, to teach hard and soft skills.
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Koru combines a learning program, a data-analytics solution, and an online marketplace to make hiring young talent simple.
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Leverages technology to vet, train and equip local leaders to match families with leaders in their local community who offer activity-based kids classes that help them develop the skills that matter most.
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A crowd-sourced public safety app that lets citizens report crime quickly and discreetly, and enables sharing of critical safety information.
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This advanced Gunshot Location System pinpoints the location of gunfire in the real time and helps police reduce gun violence. 
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Kinetic makes wearable devices for material handling work that significantly reduces lifting-related injuries. 
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Senet provides the first public Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) market in North America.
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Ohmconnect is a next-generation demand response provider that pays residential customers to reduce their electricity consumption during peak energy times.
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A scalable platform to manage utility billing and renewable energy purchasing across 350+ utilities in all 50 states.
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In partnership with the XPRIZE, HeroX is a platform for running competitions to solve local and global problems.  
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A vibrant community of design, development, and data science professionals who hone their skills and get compensated while solving companies’ challenges. 
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