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What we do.

Driven to solve today’s most pressing social problems, City Light Capital seeks to generate both strong financial returns and measurable social impact. While our primary focus is on identifying and investing in the best mission-based entrepreneurs with the right solutions, we will occasionally act as entrepreneurs ourselves creating companies that combine the right talent, capital, technology and models to further our mission.  

Investment Criteria

We engage with early stage, U.S. based companies that have:

  • A clear plan to create quantifiable social impact
  • At least $1M in revenue
  • An experienced founding team
  • Core technology that can create measurable change
  • A business model consistent with the successful implementation of that technology


  • Reduce dropout rates
  • Access to affordable, high-quality education
  • Skills and lifelong professional development opportunities for learning
  • Increase performance of learners


  • Safer people
  • Safer places
  • Better preparedness and response


  • Cleaner air
  • Reduced waste
  • Resource efficiency
  • Grid resilience


New Models for Impact

Solving problems once and for all requires that we leverage a range of tools and methods. We will explore new models that have the ability to:

  • Increase access to impact investing
  • Scale what works 
  • Enhance customization
  • Reduce risk of innovation

We step outside the venture capital role and found new companies, such as HeroX, but only when conditions are right:

  • Customizing existing technology to a specific, unmet need could produce significant impact
  • Bringing the right people and platforms together promises to create scalable solutions to an issue that has gone unaddressed or under-addressed 
  • Providing greater reach and scale to current impact solutions will expand and quicken their impact  

What We Insist On

A Clear Sense of Purpose. 

Ask anyone we partner with the specific problem they aim to solve, how it will impact the world, and how they’ll measure results, and you’ll get a clear, impassioned response.

Feedback Loops.

We’re zealots about data and measurement, insisting on feedback loops on both the finance and impact sides of all we do.


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