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Rooted in the desire to create a better world.

Driven to solve today’s most pressing social problems, City Light Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm dedicated to generating both strong financial returns and measurable social impact. While our primary focus is on identifying and investing in the best mission based entrepreneurs with the right solutions, we will occasionally act as entrepreneurs ourselves, creating companies that combine the right talent, capital, technology and models to further our mission.

Making a difference while generating strong financial returns.

For the founding team at City Light Capital, the events of 9/11 were a call to refocus the skills and experiences that were making them successful as investors and entrepreneurs. Financial gain alone was not enough. Neither was “giving back,” in the traditional sense. The pace of social change seemed suddenly glacial. And the idea of putting off good works until retirement, unacceptable.

Our executive team.

We are entrepreneurs and investors. We come from different backgrounds and disciplines, but share a common vision of how we want the world to be for our families, our neighbors, and our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Josh Cohen

Managing Partner

Meet Josh

Matt Cohen


Meet Matt

Tom Groos


Meet Tom

Stewart Satter


Meet Stewart

Greg Gunn

Entrepreneur in Residence

Meet Greg

Bill Lyons

Environmental Expert

Meet Bill

Sarah Millar

Investment Associate

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Our advisors.

Nancy Lublin 

Meet Nancy

Mary Bush 

Meet Mary

Dean Seavers 

Meet Dean

Mike Beach

Meet Mike

Pete Mattoon 

Meet Pete

Teresa Ressel

Meet Teresa

A way to start sooner and get something in return.

Until now, there has always been a clear division between the money people invest for financial gain and the money they give back to create social change. Typically, people have spent the majority of their lives building wealth, waiting until after retirement to give back.

City Light Capital merges the directives of investing for financial gain along with devoting resources for social change. When you Invest Forward, you do both. So there’s no need to wait.

The forces of capitalism leveraged for social change.

While non-profits are a crucial force in the social arena, the Invest Forward model drives impact in new and formidable ways by utilizing the power and resources of capitalism:

  • Access to capital markets
  • Technological innovation through competition
  • Visionary entrepreneurs with scalable, sustainable solutions
  • Financial success through measurable social impact, and vice versa

If you’re an entrepreneur, send us your pitch deck. If there are world problems you want to see solved, let’s talk.